Indoor RV Storage

Secure and Affordable RV and Boat Storage

If you’re a camping or water enthusiast, you already know Rancho Cucamonga is close to the mountains and to the ocean, the perfect place to take advantage of both forms of recreation. Even better, there is a local business offering secure and affordable RV and boat storage, the perfect place for your favorite recreational vehicles.

The Next Best Thing to Home

Due to city and even HOA restrictions on where you can park, RV and boat owners are many times faced with finding storage outside their own neighborhoods. There’s no place like home, but you can have the next best thing at Victoria RV and Boat Storage. Here are some of the benefits you’ll find:

  • Local storage: You don’t have to go far to retrieve your RV or boat; pick-ups and drop-offs are fast and easy.
  • Convenience: Victoria RV and Boat Storage is located near two freeways, I-15 and I-210, giving you easy-on, easy-off access.
  • Gate access: Take care of recreational business on your own time schedule, with 24/7 gate access.
  • Payments: Rentals are available on monthto-month basis and payments are accepted online, allowing us to offer secure and affordable RV and boat storage.
  • Indoor and outdoor: Outdoor parking is available, or choose a little extra pampering and store your RV and boat indoors.

Security is a Serious Business

We know your RV and boat are major purchases that are very valuable. We take security very seriously and can offer these security features:

  • On-site security patrol
  • Computerized gate access
  • Camera surveillance
  • Well-lighted facility
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Motion detectors
  • Individual door alarms for unit storage, with alarm sensors available for outside parking.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Victoria RV and Boat Storage lets you enjoy your vehicles and have peace of mind that they’re safe when you’re not using them. We are proud to offer a top-quality facility with top-quality services that make secure and affordable RV and boat storage possible.

The Pros and Cons of Indoor and Outdoor RV Storage

As you drive through neighborhoods in the cities around your home, you might notice that many RV owners have the vehicles parked in front of their homes or store them somewhere in the backyards. Is this really the best route when it comes to storing the coaches, homes, and RVs that are used to create so many lasting memories? Even in sunny climates, there are elements that can be harmful to the interiors and exteriors of these vehicles. However, there are some benefits to outdoor storage as well.

What are the pros and cons to both indoor and outdoor RV storage?

There are some great reasons to choose indoor storage. When the vehicles are parked inside a storage facility, you’ll get protection from the wind, rain, sun radiation, and heat. Vehicles storage outside may be vulnerable to mice, insects, and other vermin. If the RV is parked near trees, then the exterior could be damaged by bird droppings or tree sap. Outdoor storage may also lead to vulnerability to vandalism or robbery.

Fortunately, many facilities that provide both indoor and outdoor RV storage have recognized these dangers and take steps to protect the vehicles from all of these dangers. By taking several preventative steps, storage facilities can offer you a more cost-effective way to safely store your RV outside.

If you live in an area where it snows or rains frequently, then outdoor storage may not be a reasonable option at all. You’ll need to keep the vehicle protected from the harmful effects of freezing temperatures and constant exposure to moisture.

The main disadvantage to indoor storage is the cost. It often costs much more to rent an indoor space than an outdoor parking spot. However, when you consider both options of indoor and outdoor RV storage, keep in mind that your RV represents a major purchase. How much is the vehicle worth to you now? Do you hope that it will be a long term investment that continues to pay off for many years? If so, then paying a bit more to keep the RV inside may be a reasonable expense.